Best Islamic Wishes and Traditions for Newborn Babies and Parents


The birth of a baby is, no wonder, a miracle. And it is the happiest moment for the family. Muslims are confined to joining and congratulating each other on their success and happiness.

The baby's birth is the most beautiful time in the parent’s life, and Islam has told us ways to give best wishes to the parents. Let’s put some light on Best Islamic Wishes For Newborn Babies & Parents.

Best Wishes For New Born Babies

According to our Prophet SAW, it is recommended that all of us give best wishes to the parents and the baby on its arrival.

  1. He also said May Allah make him a blessing for you and make him righteous and God fearing.
  2. In another narration, he said May Allah bless him and make him a blessing for you and the nation of Prophet Muhammad Saw.
  3. May Allah always protect the baby from the evil eye. And may he grow up to be good and kind. I wish him good health and well-being. May he bring a lot of happiness to the family.
  4. May Allah bless the baby with a good soul and fate, and may he have a promising future and good health.
  5. May the parents be able to thank God for this gift, may the child reach adulthood, and may you grant him goodness.
  6. I hope the newborn grows healthy and his path is filled with luck and happiness. May Allah always shower his blessing on him.
  7. Many congratulations on the happy event of your life. Wishing you and the baby many, many congratulations. May Allah bless this baby with a long and healthy life.
  8. May this baby grow according to the rules of Islam and the Quran and leave a name after him.
  9. May this baby always make you feel proud, happy, and loved. And may you turn him into a good and forgiving human being.

Parent's Response According To Islam

After the child’s birth, Islam gave us the following checklist that we need to do after birth.


It is Sunnah to give adhan in the baby’s ear. Right after birth, usually, the father gives adhan in the baby’s right ear, and iqamah should be given in the left ear.


According to the Sunnah, a piece of date should be softened in your mouth and put in the baby's mouth. Any elder of the family or alim can do it. This procedure also has great scientific significance.


It is also Sunnah to perform baby’s aqeeqa in the first seven days after birth. Recommended are two goats for a baby boy and one goat for a baby girl. In the aqeeqa ceremony, the goats are slaughtered in the name of Allah, and the meat is distributed among the family and the needy.


Another right Islam has given all Muslim babies is to give them good names. It is the duty of parents to give their babies good Muslim names.


Circumcision is only necessary for baby boys. And you should do it in the first seven days of birth, according to the Sunnah. There is an obligation that circumcision should be done before a child reaches puberty.

Shaving Head

Shaving your baby’s hair in the first few days of birth is also compulsory.

Best Wishes For New Born’s Mother

You can make these best wishes for the baby's mother. O Allah, almighty of all people. Remove their disease. Heal her as you are the only healer. No one can heal her as you do. Cure her in such a way that no mark is left behind.

Offering our greetings and congratulations to the parents of newborns is the Islamic way of showing that you are also happy in their happiness.

The traditional way of congratulating parents is by going to their house and wishing them with your words. However, you can also send a letter, email, or whatever medium you have to give best wishes. 

These small gestures make a huge difference because, at these particular moments, people usually remember the one who was there for them or who wished them good luck for their future. Also, it is an Islamic way to be there for each other in happiness and sorrow.

Islam doesn’t say to overdo these small gestures like nowadays people do; for example, throwing a welcome party or baby shower is not Islam.

What Do You Say After The Baby’s Birth, According To Islam?

The first thing after the baby's birth is to call a prayer in his right ear, according to the Sunnah. These are the first words he or she should hear after entering the world.

How Did Islam Welcome A Baby?

Islam welcomes a baby very warmly by performing a series of events like giving adhan in the baby's right ear; introducing the child to Islam is a holy thing. Afterward, the baby's head is shaved, and aqeeqa would be done in the first 7 days.


Islam is a religion of union. It teaches us to be there for everyone, whether happy or sorrowful. And in a moment of happiness like the child’s birth, Islam recommends we be there for best wishes and congratulate them on the baby's arrival.

You can also present with some gifts if you want to. Islam has also taught us what to do on the arrival of the baby, and it has guided the parents on every step of raising their kids. If we follow Islam's rules, it will make life easier and more successful.

TL;DR: The birth of a baby is a joyous occasion and Islam offers guidelines for giving best wishes to parents and newborns. Islam recommends giving Adhan, performing Tehneek, Aqeeqa, circumcision, and shaving the baby's head after birth. It is also the duty of parents to give their babies good Muslim names. Islam emphasizes congratulating parents with small gestures like visiting them and wishing them well. Giving gifts is also a good practice. Following Islamic guidelines for the arrival of a baby can make life easier and more successful.


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