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From the very initial revelations, Islam has been a strong proponent of modesty, not just for women but generally as a religion. Many of its rulings and ideas are deeply rooted in the concept of Haya or Modesty which is loved by Allah SWT. Modest wear for women is one aspect of Haya that Islam lays down which calls for clothing that is respectable and fulfills the requirements of covering. Hijab Is the name given to the head covering worn by Muslim women and thus acts as one of the integral ways to ensure modesty for women. While most women wear this head-covering with pride, comprehending the reason behind its command, today’s Islamophobic world has made their lives difficult and what was an act of self-assertion gradually lead to the hijab needing to be vociferously defended throughout the world. With these external factors strongly impacting the Hijab wearing Muslims, the struggles with tying and styling a hijab sometimes seem trivial but they truly can act as an impediment to smooth management of Hijab-wearing.

For young Muslims going to school or university or those who spend their time at a workplace where Hijab is necessary, it is important and beneficial to figure out the problems behind the Hijab that refuses to stay put and find practical solutions to overcome these challenges so that modesty is not compromised, and style and practicality only assist in enhancing the modesty factor.

Challenges faced by Hijabs

  1. Managing Flyaway Hair

Alas, for the flyaway hair courtesy of the humid weather! It seems as if there will always be that one strand of hair that will continuously try to push its way to your forehead accompanied by shorter ones. Unless the hijab is tightly pinned to avoid its appearance, they are bound to peek through and make the wearer disturb the hijab setting through repeated impatient flicks.

  1. Wear and Tear from Pin-Snagging

The last few decades have seen an influx of decorated pins in the market that have made it somewhat easier to fix a hijab properly so as to achieve the purpose of Modesty and avoid uncovering the parts which are supposed to remain covered. Unfortunately, these bedazzled pins along with everyone’s favorite safety pins cause more damage than help. The way they constantly snag the cloth and separate its thread because of continuously pushing against it causes long term wear in the cloth and in dire cases, tears that are not easily fixed by stitching.

  1. Discrimination & Harassment

No piece of writing pertaining to the Hijab can end without recognizing the risk of discrimination and harassment to hijab-wearers. It is unfortunate that even while the world uses the word ‘tolerance’ and eagerly embraces it, Islamophobic ideas are still going on strong. While many Non-Muslim countries have become accepting of hijab, a lot of them have elements that still try their best to put down any hijab-wearer that crosses their path.

Solutions for Keeping Hijab in Place

  1. Hijab Magnets instead of Pins

While the global issues loom above, one can at least try to solve the seemingly trivial issues, which have been a thorn in Hijabis’ side for years. To counter the wear and tear of a Hijab and the thread-baring from pins that snag with a vengeance, a highly effective and practical solution would be to use Hijab magnets. These small aesthetically pleasing mini magnets come in a variety of colours and can be placed anywhere to fix the hijab with nary a damage to the cloth. The DEENIN Strong Magnetic Hijab Magnets are a game changer when it comes to Hijab styling without the use of pins and getting a secure hold has never been so easy as with these.

  1. Wearing Underscarf for Fly away Hair

With the pin issue handled, it is a tremendous help to style your hijab with an underscarf under it, as the name implies. This is almost a foolproof method of ensuring no fly away hair plays peekaboo and also keeps the hijab firmly in place and thus retaining both Modesty and style. The DEENIN Underscarf with Tie-Back Closure is a highly convenient add on to your hijab and the solution for controlling recalcitrant hair. It comes in a variety of colours and can be worn as a coordinated set with Hijab or even as a contrast.

  1. Wear an ironed Hijab

It is true that the better the hijab is ironed, the better it can be styled since all the wrinkles are out and the edges are uncurled. Wearing a well-ironed, well styled hijab that follows all the requirements of Shariah will stay put for a long time and arguably, it can go a long way in giving Hijab wearers a sense of confidence.



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