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Abayas are an essential piece of clothing for Muslim women. They are a symbol of modesty and cultural tradition and are worn to cover the entire body except for the face, hands, and feet.

However, when winter arrives, it can be challenging to wear abayas without feeling cold. Fortunately, there are various ways to wear an abaya in winter while staying warm and comfortable.

●    Choose The Right Fabric

The first step to staying warm while wearing an abaya in winter is to choose the right fabric. Fabrics like wool, cashmere, or thick cotton are excellent choices for winter wear.

These fabrics can trap heat and keep you warm while being comfortable and soft against the skin. It is also essential to consider the weight of the fabric when selecting an abaya for winter.

Heavy fabrics will keep you warmer but may also feel bulky and uncomfortable. Therefore, opt for thick fabrics to keep you warm but lightweight enough to ensure comfort.

●    Layering Is Important

Layering is an excellent way to stay warm in winter and applies to abayas. Layering is not only practical but can also be fashionable.

For instance, wear a thermal top and leggings under your abaya for extra warmth. If you wear a thin abaya, you can layer a cardigan or sweater over it. However, ensuring the layers do not add too much bulk is essential, as it can ruin the overall look.

●    Accessorize With Scarves And Shawls

Scarves and shawls are excellent accessories that can add style and warmth to your abaya. You can wrap a scarf around your neck or drape a shawl over your shoulders.

These accessories add an extra layer of warmth and make your abaya look more fashionable. Various styles of scarves and shawls can complement your abaya and add a pop of color to your outfit.

●    Wear Thick Socks And Boots

Wearing thick socks and boots is essential to keep your feet warm. Opt for woolen or thermal socks that trap heat and keep your feet cozy.

You can also wear boots with low heels to add an extra insulation layer to your feet. Boots provide warmth and add a fashionable touch to your outfit.

Various styles of boots are available, from ankle boots to knee-high boots, that can complement your abaya.

●    Invest in A Coat

Investing in a coat that complements your abaya is an excellent way to stay warm and stylish. A coat made of wool or cashmere is ideal for winter wear, as it can provide warmth without adding too much bulk.

You can wear the coat over your abaya when you go out and remove it indoors. Investing in a coat can also provide versatility to your wardrobe, as you can wear it with various other outfits.

●    Wear Gloves And Hats

Gloves and hats are essential accessories that keep your hands and head warm. Opt for gloves made of wool or cashmere that can trap heat and keep your hands cozy. You can also wear a hat that covers your ears to keep them warm.

Hats and gloves provide warmth and add a fashionable touch to your outfit. Various styles of gloves and hats, from fingerless gloves to beanies, can complement your abaya.

●    Consider The Color Of Your Abaya

When choosing an abaya for winter, it is essential to consider the color. Darker colors such as black, navy, and maroon are excellent choices for winter wear.

Dark colors can absorb heat and keep you warmer while being versatile and complementary to various styles. You can also add pops of color with accessories such as scarves, shawls, hats, and gloves to add a touch of brightness to your outfit.

●    Consider The Length of Your Abaya

The length of your abaya can also affect how warm you feel in winter. Longer abayas that reach the ankles provide more coverage and warmth than shorter ones.

You can also opt for abayas with wider cuts or A-line styles that can allow for layering underneath. However, ensuring that the abaya is not too long is essential, as it can cause discomfort or tripping hazards.

Tips For Maintaining Warmth In Your Abaya

Apart from the above tips, here are some additional tips to keep you warm while wearing an abaya in winter:

1.   Carry A Spare Scarf Or Shawl:

Always keep a spare scarf or shawl in your bag to use as an additional layer of warmth if needed. You can also use it to cover your head and neck when outdoors.

2.   Choose Abayas With Long Sleeves:

 Opt for abayas with sleeves covering the wrists and keeping your arms warm. It will prevent cold air from seeping through and help maintain body heat.

3.   High Necklines Or Collar Designs:

Choose abayas with high necklines or collar designs that can protect your neck area from the cold. It will prevent cold air from entering the neckline and help you stay warm.

4.   Layer With Long-Sleeved T-Shirts:

 Layer a long-sleeved t-shirt under your abaya to add an extra insulation layer. It will provide additional warmth without adding bulk to your outfit.

5.   Avoid Thin Or Lightweight Fabrics:

Avoid wearing abayas made of thin or lightweight fabrics, as they may not provide adequate warmth. Instead, opt for thicker fabrics such as wool or fleece to keep you warm during winter.


Wearing an abaya in winter can be challenging, but with the right fabric, layering, and accessories, it can be a comfortable and stylish experience.

Choosing the right abaya for winter, accessorizing with scarves and shawls, wearing thick socks and boots, investing in a coat, and considering the color and length of your abaya are some ways to stay warm and fashionable in winter.

With these tips, you can continue wearing your abaya confidently and comfortably throughout the colder months.

TL;DR: This blog post provides guidance on how to wear an abaya during the winter months. Learn how to layer your clothing effectively, choose the right fabrics for warmth, and accessorize with scarves and gloves to stay fashionable and modest.



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