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As the sacred month of Zilhajj begins, the holy cities of Makkah and Madina witness the arrival of hundreds and thousands of Muslims from all over the world, gathering for the sacred act of Hajj, the pilgrimage. Hajj is counted amongst the five pillars of Islam and serves to commemorate certain actions of some of the venerable Prophets of Allah SWT. It is an obligatory task, carrying immense reward and virtue, on all those who are eligible and can afford it.

The 5 major days of Hajj stretch from 8th Zilhajj to 12th Zilhajj and the former marks the commencement of the pilgrimage with the donning of the Ihram and entering a state of purity and equality along with the recitation of the Talbiyah. The pilgrims gather at Mina first, a city at the outskirts of Makkah and move on to Arafat for the most important day of Hajj and spend the day in prayer and worship. The last three days of Hajj bring the pilgrims back to Makkah for one of the most important obligatory acts of Hajj, the Tawaf-e-Ziarat. The pilgrims circulate the Holy Kaabah seven times followed by the Saa’e, running from Mount Safa to Mount Marwa, to commemorate the actions of the mother of Prophet Ismaeel AS as she desperately searched for water for her infant son in the sparse and barren desert that was Makkah at that time. The pilgrims then journey back to Mina for the stoning of the Shaytan (devil) in memory of Prophet Ibrahim AS as he shunned the instigations of Shaytan to provoke him towards the disobedience of Allah. A pilgrim exits the state of Ihram once he performs the obligatory sacrifice and cuts his hair.

Preparing For Hajj

Traveling for Hajj is unlike travelling for vacation or any other purpose. It requires study of the necessary actions that are required for the Hajj to be valid and acceptable. All pilgrims are encouraged to have an understanding of the venerable and virtuous task they are about to undertake. Regarding the recommended items, here is a provincial list to give an idea of some of the items that must be packed.

Islamic Essentials for Preparation:

Make sure you have a foldable prayer mat that can be easily carried, A pocket Qur’an, A book of recommended duas and a guide book for Umrah/Hajj for a quick consultation. A miswak to fulfill the Sunnah and tasbeeh (rosary beads) for Zikr (remembrance of Allah) should also be included for a complete packed bag.


Essential Toiletries should be packed from your home country. It is advisable to pack a couple of towels, your tooth brush and tooth paste, hairbrush, soap, moisturizer and shampoo. Aspirin, some cough drops/cough syrup and a packet of plasters with an ointment should also form part of a kit, the latter being a necessity in case of an emergency. Tissues and Toilet Rolls, a small mirror, sanitizer, nail cutter and scissors are all essential for Umrah/Hajj travel.

-Important Items to Pack:

Pack copies of your Passport, Visa and other documents pertaining to your travel along with emergency contact numbers. To avoid hassles with charging etc, pack your chargers, power bank and a universal adapter. A travel iron and kettle with a small mug would go a long way in making your travels easier.  Suitcases should be locked with keys put away safely in an unlocked handbag. To complete your necessary packing, add in some socks, some masks, an umbrella and sunglasses.

How DEENIN aids in your Hajj journey

DEENIN is continuously striving towards introducing products that have now become indispensable Hajj and Umrah essentials and are aimed towards making worship during Hajj and also halal travels in general easier.

The ABDEEZ Wudhu socks are designed to be wearable in every season and are particularly useful when going for pilgrimage and you are unsure about the usage of water. Along with that, the microfiber portable towels are compact and easy to carry and make it quicker for you to dry off after ablution. The ABDEEZ portable bidet is another convenient and handy product to travel with and promises convenience and hygiene. Keeping the necessary requirements in mine, the ABDEEZ Journey of Faith Pack is especially curated for your specific needs for Hajj and Umrah and includes a folding prayer mat, a portable towel and a portable bidet. Add in a pair of Wudhu Socks and you are good to go Insha’Allah!

In addition to this, DEENIN is also contributing towards modest fashion for women and has introduced the highly practical Hijab magnets to help women keep their head coverings in place especially when in the state of Ihram. Additionally, there is a variety of colors of Hijab underscarves for women to choose from according to their preferences.


Modeste Abayas. [@modesteabayas]. Hajj also spelled hadjdj or hadj in Islam, the pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, which. [Photo]. Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/p/CsOAGndtTgb/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

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